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Manufacture and sale
of waveguides

Today we are releasing the product range of the channel cross-sections of the waveguide dimensions 1.2 / 2.4 mm, up to 34/72 mm, a long section from 1.5 centimeters to two meters.

Electroforming technology mastered and implemented technologies and methods of additive manufacturing.            Combining innovation and proven technologies, we design and mass-produce standard waveguides microwave, as well as unique and complex in design (including terahertz) elements of the waveguide path.

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Straight waveguide segments

Production lines waveguide segments of different sizes

Waveguide bends

Manufacturing bends waveguide tract of two kinds - angled and smooth

Waveguide tees, couplers

Manufacturing of waveguide tees two types of H and E

Waveguide horns

Manufacturing of waveguide horns or antennas

Waveguide filters

Production of microwave filters

Feeder and antenna devices

Production of antenna-feeder devices

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  • New technology development

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